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10th Angora Chess Tournament
Angora Chess Tournament
Angora III. GM Tournament
Kahraman Olgaš Memorial
Florencio Campomanes
Angora II. GM Tournament
Angora I. WGM Tournament
Angora I. GM Tournament

The games Kerigan-WGM Schleining and Dastan-GM Mirzoev were drawn because none of the players could find a suitable position to play for a win. In the game FM Ali Marandi-IM Marinkovic a situation arose where the pawns were locked and there was no good reason to play on so the game was drawn. Topak was a pawn down but had attacking chances which provided him enough compensation for a draw. After a contentious battle, WIM Ozturk managed to beat her opponent with a nice finish.

Soylemez sacrificed the exchange in return for a pawn which wasn't enough to compensate the position. She lost the game. WFM Bensdrop's strong kingside attack granted her victory whereas WIM Tsatsalashvili won again and remained the only player who won all the games. Patel went for a theoritical piece sacrifice in the opening but failed to bring any strong continuation, and lost. In the game Sop-WGM Partac the players agreed on a draw in a position with mutual chances
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010