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10th Angora Chess Tournament
Angora Chess Tournament
Angora III. GM Tournament
Kahraman Olgaç Memorial
Florencio Campomanes
Angora II. GM Tournament
Angora I. WGM Tournament
Angora I. GM Tournament

Angora Chess Tournament
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Angora Chess Tournament Has Ended


The Turkish Chess Federation has the pleasure of inviting GM Azer Mirzoev, IM Jordan Ivanov, WGM Sopiko Guramishvili, IM(WGM) Masha Klinova, WGM Evgeniya Doluhanova, FM Engin Topak, FM Cemil Can Ali Marandi, CM Vahap Sanal, Cankut Emiroglu, Batuhan Dastan to participate in Angora Chess Tournament.

We hope to see you again in another tournament.
Day 4: Both WGMs Beat Against Young Opponents
WGM Guramishvili made exchange sacrifice in return for an attack to king position which was more than enough to compensate the position.

FM Topak defended his position well after his opponent's piece sacrifice but he lost his game making erroneous moves against WGM Doluhanova.

While entering to the last day of tournament, Team A is four match points ahead.
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Day 3: The Equality Before Free Day


Two talented young players FM Ali Marandi and CM Sanal were the hero of the Team B as they help their team beat Team A which is stronger than them.

FM Ali Marandi managed to turn his kingside attack, which involved a piece sacrifice, to full point. On the side board CM Sanal played actively and got one point.

In the game IM Jordan-Dastan, the game was simplified to a rook endgame, where both sides played for a win but couldn't make it. A draw was agreed.

Tomorrow(Thursday) there will be a free day and it means we can expect more exciting struggle in the next rounds because players will come with renewed vigour.

Day 2: Team B Has Achieved The First Victory
On the first match of the day Team A reached to the conclusion with WGM Guramishvili's victory.

But on the second round of day Team B gained their first points with two nice wins. There were two names on the stage; FM Ali Marandi and Dastan with striking games.

While FM Ali Marandi's active and effective play was awarded with a victory, Dastan, who was slightly better in endgame, played with nice technique and managed to win.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010